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Current Consultants

You may make an appointment with any consultant. Consultants go through Apprentice Training for 1-2 semesters.
Apprentices are also able to help you with your writing.
Consultants Majors, Minors & Specialties
Cynthia Cochran | Director, Campus Writing Center, Professor of English
Ashley Sholmire '18 | Co-Head Consultant
Biology, Japanese Studies, Psychology
Caylee Miller '18 | Apprentice Coordinator
Co-Head Consultant
Biology, Music
Andrew Lewis '18 | Consultant
Elementary Education, Economics
Maria Wittenauer '18 | Consultant
Theatre, Communication and Rhetorical Studies, English (literature)
Dakota Jones '18 | Apprentice
MOL/Business Administration, Marketing/Finance
Melissa O'Meara '19 | Apprentice
Japanese Studies, History
Marie Owumi '19 | Apprentice
Communications and Rhetorical Studies, MOL/Business Administration, Management/Marketing
Adrializ Acevedo '20 | Apprentice English (writing), Psychology, Spanish 
Charlotte Crofton '20 | Apprentice Psychology, Religion, Music
Austin Gruber '20 | Apprentice
Environmental Studies, Economics
Anthony Hand '20 | Apprentice
Madeline Ramsey '20 | Apprentice
Economics, Business Administration 
Aurhianna Sandefur '20 | Apprentice
Physics, Religion, Philosophy, Math
Makenzie Simmons '20 | Apprentice
English, Art 
Lucia Sintoni '20 | Apprentice
English (literature), Art History
Meghan Ruyle '20 | Back-Up; Consultant
Art History, Art, English

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