About Dr. Zettler

Education   Ph.D. Clemson University (Plant Physiology, 1994)
    B.S. University of Florida (Agriculture, 1987)
Affiliations   Research Associate, The Morton Arboretum (Lisle, IL)
    Orchid Specialist Group (North American Region), World Conservation Union
    Research Committee, American Orchid Society
Courses   BIO 109 – Plants & Society   BIO 201 - Botany
    BIO 112 - General Biology II   BIO 309 – Introduction to Research
    BIO 350 – Entomology   BIO 325 - Tropical Ecology (Costa Rica)
Other Duties   Curator, Illinois College Herbarium
    Curator, Illinois College Insect Collection
    Manager, Living Plant Collection (Parker Science Greenhouse)
Biological Illustrator   Dragonflies of North America (2000, Scientific Publishers,
ISBN 0-945417-94-2)
    The Black Flies of North America (2004, Cornell Univ. Press,
ISBN 0-8014-2498-4)



(authors denoted by an asterisk * reflect undergraduate student)

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Zettler, LW and H Oppenheimer. 2012. Hawaii's three native orchids: a closer look. Orchids (submitted).

Book Chapters

Zettler, LW. 1996. Symbiotic seed germination of terrestrial orchids in North America - a progress report. In, Proceedings of the North American Native Terrestrial Orchid Conference - Propagation and Production, edited by C Allen. National Arboretum, Washington, D.C. (ISBN 0-9655075-0-5).

Zettler, LW, J Sharma, and F Rasmussen. 2003. Mycorrhizal Diversity (Chapter 11, pp. 185-203). In, Orchid Conservation, edited by K Dixon, SP Kell, RL Barrett, and PJ Cribb. Natural History Publications, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. (ISBN 983-812-078-2) .

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