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Illinois College Environmental Issues Internship Program

Environmental issues connect with most aspects of our lives. Illinois College proudly offers two environmentally related internship programs.

The Illinois College Environmental Issues Internship Program offers two distinct options for students with an interest in the environment and the natural world. Both options provide a $2,500 stipend and travel/housing support, if needed.

Application information can be found for each internship option below.
Internship Requirements
Regardless of the internship option selected, all interns in the Illinois College Environmental Issues Internship Program will be subject to the following:
  • Students must be currently enrolled at Illinois College upon application and must return as a student to campus for the following fall semester
  • Interns will serve a minimum of 10 weeks, completing a minimum of 300-400 hours of work. Hours worked will be documented via timesheets
  • Faculty supervisors will collaborate with students to develop: a) statement of the internship's educational purpose, b) a series of activities which will allow the student to reflect on their learning during the internship (for example, a portofolio of projects and photographs, a journal, and a series of weekly emails responding to prompts set by the faculty member) and c) a culminating paper of seven to ten pages. (Additional academic work may be assigned to complement the internship activities).
  • All interns will present their internship experience at a campus presentation/event in the Fall of 2017. Specific information will be given before the onset of the experience. Interns should be sure to gather information and photos during the internship experience.
Starhill Forest Arboretum Internships
Located between Petersburg and Springfield, just 45 minutes from Jacksonville is the world renowned living plant collection known as Starhill Forest Arboretum. Visit Starhill Forest for additional information about the Arboretum. Students are responsible for their own housing and transportation to and from the Arboretum.

Guy and Edie Sternberg welcome two interns each summer to learn about tree care and maintenance while collecting data in support of current research work. Interns are involved with any ongoing construction or special projects. In recent years, students have completed a digital herbarium, constructed a walkway, bridge, deck and stairs. Interns work three days per week for a minimum of 14 weeks totaling 300-400 hours.

To apply for consideration as a Starhill Forest Arboretum intern, a cover letter and resumé (or curriculum vitae) should be uploaded and submitted through the IC CareerLink system for this internship by Friday, February 23, 2018. You can access the IC CareerLink system by logging into your single sign-on portal at If you have any questions, please contact Susie Drake, Director of Career Services, at

The cover letter should be addressed to:
Guy Sternberg
Starhill Forest Arboretum
12000 Boy Scout Trail
Petersburg, Illinois 62765

Student Defined Internships
Students with an interest in environmental issues are encouraged to dream BIG! The Student Defined Internship option allows motivated students the opportunity to develop a proposal that explores some aspect of an environmental issue, at any site, in any location. Students are encouraged to research and strive for an internship site that is not the typical opportunity.

Environmental Science majors are strongly encouraged to apply, but students from any major can apply to the program. A non-Environmental Science major could work with an organization in any capacity (e.g., working with their marketing, communication, or education departments) as long as there is a connection to an environmental issue.

Student Defined Internship applicants must complete the form located below this description. In addition, a resumé (or curriculum vitae) and cover letter are required. Specific guidelines are found in the application. All applicants must include a written proposal. The proposal should identify the organization(s), location(s), and types of projects or duties that would comprise the internship experience. Students must make a strong case for how the internship relates to the environment. Include as much relevant detail as possible.

Applicants are encouraged to make contact with prospective sites and a letter of support from the site would greatly enhance the strength of the proposal. At the time of application, students must have the written agreement of an Illinois College faculty member for supervision, as indicated on the application form. Although students need not have at the time of application, the final agreement of an organization at which they will carry out the internship must be presented to Career Services before the start date of the internship in the form of an Internship Learning Contract.

Selection of Student Defined Internship Proposals: The Experiential Learning Team and two other faculty members with environmental issues expertise will serve as the selection committee. The two faculty members shall not include faculty who are being proposed as faculty supervisors.

To apply for the Student Defined Internship
An application form, cover letter, resumé (or curriculum vitae), and written proposal should have been submitted to Director of Career Services Susie Drake no later than Friday, February 23, 2018.

The cover letter should be addressed to:
Selection Committee
Student Defined Environmental Issues Internship
Illinois College
1101 West College Avenue
Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

Student Defined Internship Application Summer 2017 (PDF)


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