Degree in Sociology

What is distinctive about Sociology major at Illinois College?

The sociology department is designed for students to develop the interconnections between individual lives and the larger society. Students are asked to reflect on a deep level and question the impact of society on individual choices, behaviors, attitudes and how those choices, behaviors, and attitudes shape the society in which we live. Those interested in majoring in sociology have the option of choosing between a number of subfields: social work/human services, criminology, social inequality, life course/family studies, and others.

Core courses within the Sociology Department focus on developing students’ knowledge of sociological theory, social research methods, and specific aspects of social inequality.

Elective courses within the Department allow students to explore a wide range of social phenomena, including:

::   Juvenile Delinquency
::   Gender and Sexuality
::   Criminology                     
::   Sociology of Sports
::   Race and Ethnicity
::   Alcohol and Addiction
::   Social Deviance
::   Family Relationships
::   Stratification
::   Environmental Sociology

The sociology department requires that students engage in fieldwork or independent study that connects them with the larger community. Students work in conjunction with a faculty advisor to find a project that fits their interests and provides them with an enriched learning experience.

In addition to core courses and electives, students enrolled in the sociology program are encouraged to take courses in statistics, computer skills, and federal, state, and local government.  

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