Students have the opportunity to start fieldwork as early as their sophomore year. This involves working directly with a community organization, making a contribution to the day-to-day work of this organization and learning to view their mission and activity from a sociological perspective.

Opportunities for practical fieldwork experience through an internship are available through a cooperative arrangement with state and local social service agencies such as: the State Department of Children and Family Services, mental health, vocational rehabilitation, corrections, county probation offices, public aid offices, alcohol treatment agencies, nursing homes, state police, and other law enforcement agencies. A student’s faculty advisor and the Career Center, located in Baxter Hall, are Illinois College’s main resources for matching a student’s interest with their field of study.

Students also participate in research projects either through the social research class or an independent study. The social research class introduces students to research ethics, design, data collection techniques, and analytical procedures.

Independent Study
An independent study is a one-on-one student / faculty class where a student’s research a specific topic with faculty guidance.

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