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Who is referred to SAFE IC?

  •  Any faculty, staff, or student who may be a threat to their own safety
  • Any faculty, staff, or student who may pose a threat to members of the campus community
  • Any faculty, staff, or student whose behavior and/or emotional state may raise significant concerns
If you are unsure if a person should be referred, contact any one of the SAFE IC members.

Who can make a referral?

A faculty, staff, or student may be referred directly to SAFE IC by any individual who has observed or witnessed behavior of a person that is concerning.

What happens after a person is referred to SAFE IC?

SAFE IC is empowered to take timely and appropriate action, consistent with the judgement of the team, College policy, and applicable laws. Upon receiving a referral, SAFE IC may take one or more of the following actions or other alternatives, including but not limited to:
  1. Determine if potential threat exists and assign tracking categories:
    1. Active Threat
    2. Person(s) of interest
    3. No SAFE IC actions
    4. Archived
  2. Assign a team member to follow-up.
  3. Make a referral to Templeton Counseling Center.
  4. Require a mental health assessment, at the College's expense, by an assessor of the College's choosing. SAFE IC will bot be bound by the opinions or recommendations contained in such an evaluation.
  5. Issue a "No Contact Order" to parties; request an Order of Protection from the Jacksonville Police Department, if relevant.
  6. Refer the issue to a department on campus (e.g., Human Resources, Office of the Provost, etc.)
  7. Require counseling sessions.
  8. Require successful completion of behavioral contract.
  9. Recommend issuance of a no trespass.
  10. Recommend an interim suspension.
  11. Recommend a fitness for duty evaluation.
  12. Require adherence to health or medical directions.
  13. Determine that the is insufficient evidence for additional actions. 

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