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Who is referred to the Student of Concern Committee?

:: Students who may be a threat to their own safety
:: Students who may pose a threat to members of the campus community
:: Students who may have experienced traumatic personal events
:: Students whose behavior and /or emotional state raise significant concerns
If you continue not to be sure if a student should be referred, contact any one of the SCC members.

Who can make a referral?

Students may be referred directly to the SCC by any individual who has observed or witnessed behavior of a student that is concerning. Faculty, staff, students, friends, parents and community members who interact with our students can refer. Students can be referred anonymously.

What happens after a student is referred to the SCC Committee?

The case manager for the Student of Concern Committee receives the referrals. If the referral suggests that the student may be a student of concern, the student is asked (by phone and/or email) to meet with the case manager. In cases when the student is not available to meet with the case manager (e.g., the student has returned to a non-local permanent residence), the case manager will attempt to arrange a phone call with the student. This interview is mandatory to ensure the safety of the student of concern and any others potentially involved. As a result, failure to comply could result in disciplinary action.

Based upon the information provided by the referral and from this meeting/phone call with the student, along with consultation with SCC members, the case manager will propose an action plan to the student. This plan will be outlined to the student in person by the case manager.
In accordance with FERPA, following assessment and intervention with the student of concern, the SCC will inform the referring individual that the student has been contacted and SCC is in process of addressing the concerns raised. 

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