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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in March 2018

Deadline: 3/1//2018. This scholarship is available for high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students. This year's chosen essay topic is, "Better Living through Technology." We want to know what you think is the best invention/technology that made the life of humans much easier. Convince us with a well-researched 1,000 word essay and make sure it reaches our inbox by March 1, 2018. $1,000
Deadline: 3/1/2018. You need to be a college student in the moment of applying. However, you can be located anywhere in the world!  All you have to do is to write an essay explaining the situations where delegating the work is beneficial for your studies. Tell us about the times you had to have someone else do a paper for you so you could focus on more important tasks instead. If you agree with us that delegating part of the work is completely legitimate, please support that statement with your own experience. $1,500
Deadline: 3/1/2018. Application may come from any continent, but will only be considered if submitted by a university student who has never won this scholarship before. Official enrollment document as proof will also be required. Application is 100% free. State in your essay your personal viewpoints on anything about the people still learning new things even after their retirement. You may choose to explain why learning is still necessary for retired people, or you may highlight an institution that provides lifelong learning for seniors. Any interesting personal belief or opinion on the topic will also suffice. $1,000
Deadline: 3/7/2018. This scholarship program is only for the students who are currently studying at the schools/colleges/universities. Write a creative and informative essay on "Proper outdoor holiday plan & safety" between 300-600 words. See website for more information! $1,000
Deadline: 3/10/2018. Any current, full-time, part-time student of an accredited institute, truck driving school or other logistics program, must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to become eligible. To apply for this scholarship, applicants must write an essay/article (of at least 1000 words and may NOT be posted elsewhere on the internet) about a topic related to this site. Visit the website for more details! $250, $500, or $1,000
Deadline: 3/15/2018. To be considered for a scholarship, you must be:1. An American citizen. 2. Enrolled as a full-time student in the academic year 2017-2018 at an accredited higher education institution, studying for a degree in music. Either an essay or short video can be submitted for judgement. Please visit the website for more information! $1,000
Deadline: 3/15/2018. This scholarship award is available exclusively to students who are already enrolled in a college or university.
In order to apply for the scholarship, you need to submit a video clip that is two minutes or less in length.
* Why you believe our scholarship could help you
* What it will help you to achieve
* Your goal and what you wish to achieve from your education. $1,000
Deadline: 3/15/2018. If you wish to apply, make sure you are: An enrolled student (attach your proof of enrollment in the application) and an aspiring artist who has created a unique piece. Qualifying requirements: An original artwork that you have created. Take one photo of you doing/holding the artwork and then another photo that features your favorite detail of the artwork. *artwork may be a painting, doodle, calligraphy, sculpture, etc., an essay explaining the inspiration behind the artwork, the creative process and why you chose your “favorite detail” that you chose to take a photo of, enrollment/admission slip, and your personal information (Name, Address, Contact number). $1,500
Deadline: 3/20/2018. This scholarship is open to all the undergraduate and post graduate students of any field. All you have to do is write a creative and unique content piece on our given topic and submit it. Visit the website for more information! $1,000
Deadline: 3/20/2018. All the students who are studying in the graduate and postgraduate courses including sports science, international sports management, sports tourism and other related courses can apply for this scholarship. Every candidate has to submit all their information in PDF or doc file along with their written 1000-1500 words article on given topics listed on the website. $1,000
Deadline: 3/25/2018. Your enrollment/admission form is your main pass to be eligible for this scholarship. There will be no registration fee.
You have to do research and write a 1000 word essay on the topic: Electrical Safety At Home. Explain the importance of electrical safety and tips on what safety precautions households must follow. It should contain well-researched facts from credible sources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be grounds for automatic disqualification. $1,000
Deadline: 3/30/2018. Candidate must be a student of under graduate and post graduate courses. The candidate has to pick a topic from the below-mentioned topic and prepare a piece of content about 1000-1500 words. Make sure your content must be highly impressive and unique.Topics are as follows:Are tankless water heaters a worth your investment? Is it safe to buy tankless water heater online? Why water heater is the smart option for every house? $500
Deadline: 3/30/2018. Any student who has an avid interest in the outdoors may be eligible to apply and win our scholarship. For application, students must submit their details on the website! $500
Deadline: 3/31/2018. The students who are seeking scholarship must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in their respective course to apply. Students must be 18 years and above and must be a citizen or permanent resident of the given countries United States, UK, Australia, and Canada. The application must be filled out on the website! $2,000
Deadline: 3/31/2018. The applicants must be enrolled in any high school, college or university. The GPA at the time of applying for this scholarship must be at least 3.0. An essay of at least 1,000 words must be written regarding the topic, "How essential is good sleep for better efficiency"? $5,000
Deadline: 3/31/2018. The applicants must be enrolled in any high school, college, or university. It is required that each applicant send in a 1,000 word essay. This year's topic is, Ways to Save Time. The essay should have the student's tried and tested time management practices that allow him/her to not only have time for school requirements but also for fun and relaxation. Please visit the website for more information! $1,500
Deadline: 3/31/2018. To be eligible, applicants must: Be a US citizen or permanent resident, be accepted to or currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, or graduate program within the United States, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and demonstrate good character and high initiative. Some requirements are: A typed essay of 300 - 500 words about a time when you faced a significant ethical dilemma. What was the situation and what did you do, and additionally, include a brief personal statement as to why you deserve to receive this scholarship and in what way it will further impact your education. Applicants are highly encouraged to speak from the heart. $10,000
Deadline: 3/31/2018. The Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS Science Scholarship will be awarding $1,200 to help deserving science students. Applicants are required to be high school seniors to graduate students in university, majoring in a science field and pursuing advanced education. Requirements for application include: 1-2 page essay on why you deserve the scholarship, a resume or CV, official transcript with above a 3.0 GPA, and your SAT score. Please, visit the website for more information! $1,200
Deadline: 3/31/2018. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college, university, or law school in the United States for the Spring 2018 semester. This includes high school seniors, freshman, sophomores, juniors, college seniors, and law students. Applicants must also comply with all requirements set forth in the "Essay Submission Procedure" section on the website. To participate in the contest, applicants should write a 600-word essay answering the following question: Our life expectancy is constantly growing thanks to advances in science and medicine. While life insurance is a wise decision, many individuals let their policy lapse, for a myriad of reasons. Others sell their life insurance policies on the secondary market through life settlements or viatical settlements. What are some new ways we encourage those with life insurance (typically aging adults) to keep their policies active and avoid lapse? $1,500


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