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Homecoming Committees

FOLLIES :: This committee is responsible for organizing and promoting a fun performance competition between individuals, groups and organizations. Follies is Illinois College’s annual talent competition. Students in this committee will promote follies to find applicants, encourage performers and assist with set-up between acts during the actual follies competition.

This committee may be great for students who are interested in the performing arts, enjoy brainstorming logistics, like design, or want to work with the Follies performers.

FORMAL DANCE :: This committee is responsible for planning and promoting the annual formal dance. This includes creating and sending invitations, selling tickets, planning food and drinks for the event, as well as being creative and decorating the venue.

This may be a great fit for students who are interested in designing materials, planning dances or working with large groups of people.

PARADE :: The parade committee is directly responsible for organizing many details of the annual parade and for getting cars, floats, bands, etc. lined up the day of. This committee has an opportunity to work with many offices across campus.

The parade committee may be a great fit for students who are interested in solving puzzles, working out logistics, working with community volunteers and being a part of a fast paced high energy environment during the day of the parade.

PEP RALLY :: This group is responsible for the kickoff event of the week. The pep rally is designed to fill the campus community with school spirit and get everyone excited for all other homecoming programs. This committee organizes an event that includes the introduction of athletic teams, special guests, the homecoming court and much more.

This may be a good fit for students who are interested in working with an event that has elements of design, working with sound and lighting technicians, as well as creating an overall environment of excitement.

POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL :: This committee is responsible for organizing, promoting, holding information sessions and finding officials for the powder puff football games.  This committee will also fine-tune all necessary rules and logistics for the two day event.
If you like competition, working on marketing materials, developing rules and getting people involved, this might be the committee for you!

SPIRIT :: The spirit committee starts early to create enthusiasm several weeks prior to and throughout homecoming week. They are responsible for creating an energetic and inviting environment by decorating the campus, as well as for creating and selling the homecoming t-shirts. Rather than promoting specific events, it is the task of spirit to promote the spirit of homecoming as a whole.

This would be a great committee for students who are creative, like to design materials and think about the big picture of the homecoming experience.

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