Study Abroad/Off-Campus Study

Study Abroad/Off-Campus Study - The Study Abroad/Off-Campus Study program at Illinois College allows students to spend either one semester or a full academic year at an approved program away from campus, either abroad or within the United States. Students who participate in such experiences take courses at a host institution, and/or may also choose to participate in internships. These programs challenge students to adapt to new cultures, expose them to diverse perspectives, and often enhance their ability to communicate in a second language.

How does Study Abroad/ Off-Campus Study work?

With numerous programs in countries around the world, IC can find a suitable Study Abroad location for you, regardless of your major or language skills. But Study Abroad means planning well ahead. Students must apply internally to Illinois College first, with applications due in the Fall (by Dec. 1) prior to the Academic Year when they intend to study abroad. That is, applications for a semester abroad (Fall, Spring, or Summer) are due more than a semester, sometimes more than a year before actually going there.

You will need to consider how a semester abroad would fit into your major, or how it might affect possible required courses. For Modern Language majors, a semester of Study Abroad is required to develop proficiency. Concerning costs, we work hard to make study abroad/off-campus study affordable. Most of your financial aid package travels with you, and there are many travel awards to cover extra costs. Speak to the Director of Global Programming directly to discuss your particular circumstances, goals, and needs.
To learn more about eligibility requirements, the application process, selection and approval of applicants, course selection abroad, how the academic credit counts for IC, cost issues, and financial aid, please refer to the Study Abroad/ Off-Campus Policies.
A separate document spells out the Cancellation Policy.

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