Class projects

Instructions for submitting your IRB proposal – class projects / course assignments

  • Review the current IRB website if you are unfamiliar with the purposes and goals of the Institutional Review Board.
  • Compose your IRB applications as a regular Word (or WordPerfect) file, consisting of the following components:
    • Your name and email address.
    • Course name and number for which you will be using this research assignment.
    • Semester in which you will be assigning this project.
    • Date you plan to distribute the assignment.
    • Approximate dates for students initiating and concluding this project.
    • Whether or not you will be utilizing this assignment each semester, or only for this semester.
    • The overall goals of this class assignment.
    • A complete description of this class project, including how students will go about collecting their data, and recruiting their respondents
    • Your assessment of any negative impacts, as well as the benefits to participants from this class research.
    • Indication that the faculty member will have discussed the ethical collection of data from participants with the students BEFORE they conduct surveys or interviews.  This discussion will include the importance of maintaining anonymity and confidentiality, and handling survey or interview data with care.
    • A copy of the survey (or interview) questions you will be having students ask participants, or a copy of the pre-test, post-test, or other research instrument this class project will utilize.
    • A sample letter of informed consent and signature page, customized for your research. Sample letter of Informed Consent.
      (Link 3e – Sample Letter - Students)
  • Include the CITI Training modules completed.
  • Save your completed application document to your computers or flash drive (for future reference or potential revisions).
  • Email your application to:

IC Institutional Review Board:

  • If you have questions or problems with submitting your IRB application, please contact:
Larry Zettler
Institutional Review Board Chair
217.245.3479 |

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