Faculty researchers

Instructions for submitting your IRB proposal – faculty researchers

  • Review the current IRB website if you are unfamiliar with the purposes and goals of the Institutional Review Board.
  • Compose your IRB applications as a regular Word (or WordPerfect) file, consisting of the following components:
    • Name and email address for the principal researcher on this project.
    • Names and email addresses for all additional researchers, and or research assistants who will be working on this project, if applicable.
    • Approximate dates for initiating and concluding this study.
    • The overall goals of your research.
    • A complete project description, including how you will go about collecting your data, and putting together your sample of respondents
    • Your assessment of any negative impacts, as well as the benefits to participants from this research.
    • A copy of the survey (or interview) questions you will be asking your respondents, or a copy of the pre-test, post-test, or other research instrument your study will utilize.
    • A sample letter of informed consent and signature page, customized for your research. Sample letter of Informed Consent
      (Link 3f – Sample Letter - Faculty)
  • Include the CITI Training modules completed.
  • Save your completed application document to your computers or flash drive (for future reference or potential revisions).
  • Email your application to:

IC Institutional Review Board:

  • If you have questions or problems with submitting your IRB application, please contact:
Paul Spalding
Institutional Review Board Chair
217.245.3461 |

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