Frequently asked questions

  • Who makes up the Illinois College Institutional Review Board?

The Illinois College Institutional Review Board is appointed by the Academic Dean. The Board consists of at least three faculty members, student members, and a veterinarian or community member, as required. Board members are expected to serve two-year terms. Meetings are held monthly, or as needed.

  • How soon should I submit my IRB application?

Student and faculty researchers should plan ahead, and submit your completed IRB application as soon as you have all of the specifics for the research established. This includes:

  • The overall goals of your research
  • Your completed survey; list of interview questions; or specifics of your observations (if observational research)
  • A consideration of potential impacts (both harmful and beneficial) to all participants and others potentially impacted
    by your research.
  • A sample Letter of Informed Consent and Signature Page (if applicable)

Please allow a minimum of ten working days for IRB review and approval. In some cases, you may receive word from the Committee sooner, but be sure to allow at least ten days prior to the date you would like to initiate your data collection. If your topic area is especially sensitive or personal, the IRB Committee may need a longer time frame to review your proposal. For this type of research, it is best to allow 15 working days for IRB review.

  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions about my project?
If you are a student research, the first point of contact for additional questions on your research will be your faculty advisor. If you still have questions at this point, contact the IRB Committee Directly at:
  • Is training involved prior to submitting my IRB application?
If your project involves human subjects or vertebrate animals, you should complete CITI Training prior to submitting your IRB application. Mention of the training modules you completed should be part of your IRB proposal.

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