Conceptual Framework

In March 2004, the Illinois College Conceptual Framework, a document which outlines the philosophy, goals, and research base behind the Illinois College Teacher Preparation Program, was revised to reflect the newly adopted Illinois College mission and vision statements. The program theme, for all programs leading to teacher licensure, was modified as: "Preparing Competent and Caring Teachers for Leadership and Service." This theme is the lens through which we incorporate all of the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (IPTS).

In addition to refining the program theme, the Illinois College Institutional Standards, (ICIO), the major standards and outcomes for the teacher preparation program, were revised around the eleven IPTS. Standards and outcomes are defined as the critical knowledge and performance expectations teachers must demonstrate to be eligible for an Illinois Certificate. The IC outcomes comprise the knowledge base for teachers prepared through our professional preparation programs, and include specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions required of all candidates.

Our twenty-six outcomes are aligned with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Professional Teaching Standards and include implicitly and explicitly the Core Technology and Language Arts Standards for All Illinois Teachers (2003) and are clustered in four Institutional Standards.

Conceptual Framework Document

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