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Teacher Preparation Program

Over the past several years, Illinois College has acquired a reputation for the high quality and innovative nature of its Teacher Preparation Program. The curriculum of the teacher preparation programs are designed to foster academic and social environments marked by a pervasive sense of concern for the intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual development of candidates preparing to become teachers. Drawing upon Illinois College’s heritage of educating leaders for public life, Illinois College teacher candidates are distinctive for their skills in written and oral communication and for their commitment to furthering the public good as educators who are willing to accept responsibilities for equipping young people to be capable, productive citizens.

The Teacher Preparation Unit affirms and models the moral purpose it serves in society and places a special emphasis on cultivating an environment of caring. It makes evident, both in its curriculum and individual expressions of faculty, a commitment to the value of diversity and community, integrity, excellence, fairness, service, respect, openness, and effective communication.

Because of the College’s growing fiscal strength and support for teacher preparation, the Teacher Preparation Program at Illinois College is becoming one of the highly regarded signature programs the College envisions for its future. The task of educating its candidates for fulfilling lives of leadership and service as educators is being accomplished under the guidance of exceptionally well-prepared faculty, staff and professional educators who develop innovative programs and hold themselves to the highest expectations. The Teacher Preparation Unit’s firm commitment to candidate learning, engagement, and personal growth has resulted in significantly heightened candidate aspirations for professional success and growth and access to graduate schools and professional programs after program completion.

Admission Requirements

The Teacher Preparation Committee (TPC) determines admission to the Teacher Preparation Program and retention in the program. Candidates seeking admission to the program are required to meet the admission and retention requirements in effect at the time of their acceptance into the program. Candidates are advised that changes in the certification requirements may occur as a result of subsequent action by the Illinois State Board of Education.

The requirements for admission to the Teacher Preparation Program are listed below:
  • Declare a major or concentration in education with the Illinois College Registrar’s Office.
  • Complete a minimum of 41 credits.
  • Earn a 2.750 or higher IC overall GPA and a 2.750 or higher IC GPA in your major.
  • Earn a “C” or better in all Education classes required for licensure and designated Content Area classes for your program (see program advisement forms for specific course requirements).  
  • Achieve a passing score on the ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or satisfy this requirement with a qualifying ACT plus writing or SAT score.
  • Complete or be currently enrolled in ED 101, ED 203, and ED 289.
  • Earn a passing score on three key signature assessments, one each from ED 101, ED 203 and ED 289.  
  • Successfully complete the required fingerprint-based background check(s) for field placements and be prepared to complete others as required.
  • Provide evidence and verification of 100 hours tutoring children or youth age 18 or younger in the field with at most 75 hours coming from fieldwork associated with Education courses.  (A reflection paper discussing your growth as a future educator through your fieldwork must be included as part of the evidence and verification of hours)  
  • Earn a positive recommendation on all field-based evaluations from Cooperating Teachers (and Supervisors/Instructors). 
  • Earn qualifying scores on the program’s Assessment of Dispositions for Teaching.
  • Submit a Letter of Application that makes the case for why you should be admitted to the program and a reflection on strengths and weaknesses identified from the first two years of coursework (and plan for addressing any identified weaknesses).  
  • Submit a current four-year plan, signed by the applicant and the applicant’s academic advisor.  

All students, including transfer students, should realize that it may not be possible to obtain a certificate within the normal four year sequence if they have not applied to the Education Department by the beginning of the second semester of their sophomore year.

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