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Mission Statement
The Illinois College Landscaping Department is dedicated to caring for campus aesthetics and supporting a learning environment with a diverse landscape. The Landscaping Department works to achieve these goals through a Landscape Committee which helps determine the best methods for maintaining and improving campus garden areas, trees, and landscape plants. This process is managed through the efforts of the Landscape Supervisor and the Facilities Management department. Together, they provide oversight and daily supervision for the department. 
Services Provided
   Routine Landscape Maintenance
      ::  Irrigation Management
      ::  Leaf Removal 
      ::  Lawn Maintenance (Over-seeding) 
      ::  Litter Removal 
      ::  Mowing 
      ::  Mulching 
      ::  Planting New Trees, Shrubs and Bedding Plants 
      ::  Routine Landscape Maintenance
      ::  Snow/Ice Removal 
      ::  Tree and Shrub Pruning 
      ::  Watering 
      ::  Weeding 

   Other Activities
      ::  Emergency On-Call Service
      ::  Special Event Setup
      ::  Supply Deliveries

Tree Care Plan

Please click on the tree below to access the Illinois College’s Tree Care Plan.

Landscape Committee

John Power '73 :: Trustee and Landscape Committee Chair
John Kay :: Trustee
Bob Randall '67 :: Alumnus
Barbara Farley :: Illinois College President
Pat Ward '69 :: Alumnus
Frank Williams :: Vice President for Business Affairs

Invited Guests
   Marcia Short '86 :: Director of Development 
  Guy Sternberg :: Starhill Forest Arboretum Owner
   Larry Zettler :: Associate Professor of Biology
   Alana McKean '08 :: Starhill Forest Arboretum Manager
   Joy Becker '67 :: President and Chairman of the Board

Landscape Consultants
   Beth Anderson '79 :: Landscape Architect
   Sam Tidball :: Arborist

Tribute Gifts

A complete listing of tribute gifts honoring and memorializing friends and loved ones can be accessed by clicking here.

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