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Projects :: Renovation, Upgrade and Additions

Each year, Facilities Management carries out renovations, upgrades and new additions to the Illinois College campus. This following information includes the project number, description and status.

Fiscal Year 2011 Projects

11-001 Cummings Hall Freezer Repairs (Completed)
11-002 Cummings Hall Waste Line Repairs (Completed)
11-003 Pixley Hall Roof Drain Replacement (Completed)
11-004 Ellis Hall Porch Roof Replacement (Completed)
11-005 Gardner Hall Partial Roof Replacement (Completed)
11-006 Turner Hall Hot Water Heater Replacement (Completed)
11-007 Baxter Hall A/C Roof Unit Replacement (Completed)
11-008 Ellis Hall HVAC Controls Upgrades/Replacement (Completed)
11-009 CAA Appliance Upgrades (Completed)
11-010 Barnes House Boiler Replacement (Completed)
11-011 CAA - Various Upgrades, Lower Level Moisture (Completed)
11-012 Baxter Hall Partial Roof Replacement (Completed)
11-013 Memorial Gym Door Hardware and Closer (Completed)
11-014 Bruner IDPH Code Safety Upgrade (Completed)
11-015 McGaw HVAC Improvement (Completed)
11-016 Kirby HVAC Improvement (Completed)

11-017 Parker Hall HVAC Improvement (Completed)
11-018  McGaw Partial Roof Repair (Completed)

11-019 Campus Wide Safety Key Access Panels (Completed)

11-020 Ice Cream Machine (Completed)
11-022 McGaw Lighting (Completed)
11-023 Campus Sound System - Chapel, Sibert, Caine (Completed)
11-024 Land Improvements (Completed)
11-025 Safety Platform in Sturtevant (Completed)
11-050 Performance Contract (Completed)
11-221 Whipple Building Restricted Equipment (Completed)

Fiscal Year 2012 Projects


12-001 Gillette House Roof Replacement (Hold)

12-002 Spanish House Roof Replacement (Complete)

12-003 Cain Partial Roof Replacement (Hold)

12-004 Cain HVAC Units (Design)

12-005 McGaw Chiller Replacements (Construction)

12-006 Bruner Field House Floor Repair (Scheduling)

12-007 Bruner Elevator Improvements (Scheduling)

12-025 Parking Lots and Pavement (Complete)

12-030 Smith House painting (Complete)

12-031 Schewe HVAC (Construction)

12-069 Ameren Act On Energy- Rebate (Active)

12-070 Crampton Hall Renovations-Bldg Improvements (Complete)

12-070 Crampton Hall Renovations-Furniture (Complete)

12-080 1005 Grove Street-Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-081 1051 W College – Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-082 1055 W College – Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-083 1059 W College – Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-084 403 Gladstone – Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-085 405 Gladstone – Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-086 1012 Edgehill – Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-087 406 Park St – Rental House Improvements (Complete)

12-088 General Property Rezoning (Complete)

12-089 Baxter Panel Install (Complete)

12-090 Gardner Hall Renovations-Bldg Improvements (Complete)

12-090 Gardner Hall Renovations – Furniture (Complete)

12-095 Campus Space Utilization Plan (Design)

12-097 Dining Hall Renovations (Construction)

Current Capital Projects

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