Faculty in Political Science

Karen E. Dean
Karen E. Dean   Ruth Badger Pixley Professor of Social Sciences |
   Director of the Al Habtoor
   Leadership Center
   217.245.3427 | 

   B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Kent State University
Professor Dean teaches courses in American politics and a variety of interdisciplinary courses that put the study of politics in interesting contexts (e.g., Race and Politics, Politics in the Arts). Students benefit from the many forms of experiental learning that Professor Dean integrates in her classes.

Winston R. Wells, Chair
Winston Wells   Associate Professor of Political Science |
   Coordinator of International Studies
   217.245.3089 |
   B.A. Northwestern University; M.A., Ph.D.
   University of California-Los Angeles
Professor Wells offers courses in international studies, international relations, and comparative politics. He is also the pre-law advisor and coordinates the Model United Nations program.
Heather Yates
   Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
   217.245.3181 |
   B.A. University of Kansas
   M.A. University of Missouri-Kansas City
   Ph.D. University of Kansas
Professor Yates offers courses in American politics, primarily emphasizing the political institutions of the Presidency, the Congress, Parties and Elections and Organized interests.  Other courses offered include state and local politics, research methods, and political behavior.  Students in Professor Yates’s classes are encouraged to participate in civic engagement projects that promote political awareness. Professor Yates's research interests look at emotions in political contexts and how emotions influence voter attitudes and vote choice in Presidential elections.

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