Faculty in Gender and Women's Studies

Beth Capo
   Associate Professor of English
   217.245.3346 |
Professor Capo studies the intersections of literature, gender, and social justice movements. She is committed to empowering students physically (by regularly teaching a self-defense course for women), artistically (by participating in and/or sponsoring expressive activism such as the Vagina Monologues and poetry slams), and intellectually (by offering challenging courses and supervising independent studies). 
Kelly Dagan
Kelly Dagan   Associate Professor of Sociology
   217.245.3442 |
Professor Dagan is committed to understanding issues of inequality and combating discrimination. She also stresses the need for active engagement in the larger world and is dedicated to educating her students about societal inequality through service-learning.
Caryn D. RiswoldCaryn D. Riswold, Coordinator
   Associate Professor of Religion
   217.245.3285 |
Professor Riswold writes feminist theology in the Lutheran tradition, and teaches courses that invite consideration of the intersection between religion and contemporary social issues. She works regularly with student groups devoted to service, leadership, and gender equality.
Almut SpaldingAlmut Spalding
   Associate Professor of Modern Languages - French and German
   and Gender and Women's Studies
   217.245.3874 |  
 Professor Spalding’s particular interest is looking at gender through the lens of another time (centuries before us) and place (outside the U.S.). Ultimately, her goal is to equip students to expand their horizons; to have the courage to think and step beyond the familiar; to recognize that human communities everywhere share more than what sets them apart; and to work toward justice and peace in a sustainable world.
Lisa Udel
   Associate Professor of English
   217.245.3284 |

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