Faculty in Environmental Studies

Janet E. Buhrmann | Associate Professor of Sociology
217.245.3877 |
B.A. University of Texas, San Antonio; Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder
Dr. Burhmann is dedicated to shedding light on issues of social injustice, and the 'social constructions' we maintain around race, gender, and social class. She is also passionate about educating students about environmental quality, sustainability, and issues of environmental justice.

Jason Price | Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
217.245.1629 |
B.S. Northern Illinois University; M.S., Ph. D. Michigan State University 
Dr. Price is a geologist whose teaching and research interests focus on all aspects of the chemistry of the Earth's surface, with particular emphasis on the chemistry of stream water.  At Illinois College he teaches courses on physical geography, geology, environmental science, and Earth surface processes.  Dr. Price's interdisciplinary research is very field-based, primarily using small mountain watersheds to investigate the chemical conversion of bedrock to soil, human impacts and land-use on stream water chemistry, nutrient uptake and release by ecosystems, and the solubility of radioactively-damaged bedrock minerals.  His research program has experienced extensive undergraduate student involvement, including students from outside of the sciences.
T.J. Devine | Assistant Professor in Economics
217.245.3475 |
B.S., University of Central Missouri
Professor Devine has completed the course requirements for the Ph.D. program in Economics at Iowa State University. His research interests include environmental economics and quantitative methods. He teaches courses in economics and statistics. He is also the advisor to the Investment Club.
Kent D. Elwood | Professor of Psychology
217.245.3409 | 
B.A., Ph.D. Northwestern University
Dr. Elwood, is currently part of the interdisciplinary programs in Management and Organizational Leadership and in Environmental Biology at Illinois College. Over the past 35 years he has worked in the areas of Critical Thinking, Mental Retardation, and Experiential Learning. Currently he teaches courses and seminars in (among other areas) Sports Psychology, Ecological Psychology, and Recreation. He is also an avid kayaker. Organizations which he belongs to and supports include: Copper Harbor Trails Club, Keweenaw Watertrail, AEE and Go Paddle. Check them out!   
Kevin Klein, Coordinator | Professor of Economics
Professor Klein earned a Doctorate of Arts, D.A., in Economics Education from Illinois State University and has taught at Illinois College since 1986. While at Illinois College he has helped develop the economics and environmental studies programs and has twice received the college’s highest teaching award, The Dunbaugh Award, in 1997 and again in 2004. In 1999, he participated as a Fulbright Scholar in the Fulbright German Studies Seminar to study alternative energies in Germany. This trip led to him sponsoring several BreakAway trips for students at Illinois College to Germany, Austria, and Ireland. His research interest are in the areas of application of economics to public policy, especially environmental policy. Dr. Klein has co-authored and published three introductory economics textbooks, seven study guides, six instructor manuals and six test banks as well as several other professional publications. In his spare time he is a married father of two daughters and is an amateur photographer specializing in prairie plant photography on his farm in rural Murrayville, Illinois. Many of his photographs can be found at and several have been published in books of poetry.
Faculty Teaching Supporting Courses

Bryan Arnold, Assistant Professor of Biology
Jeff Chamberlain, Associate Professor of Physics
Laura Corey, Associate Professor of Biology
Penny Leonhard, Instructor in Biology
Clayton Spencer, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Lisa Udel, Associate Professor of English
Winston Wells, Associate Professor of Political Science
Lawrence Zettler, Professor of Biology
For more information contact Dr. Kevin Klein, Program Coordinator at or at 217-245-3474.

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