Faculty in Education

Lani Bowen
  Instructor in Education
  217.291-1608 |
Cindy A. Cochran, Chair
Cynthia A. Cochran
   Associate Professor of English
   217.245.3456 |
Richard Eggleston
  Instructor in Education
  217.291-1608 |
John W. Fritsche
John W. Fritsche
   Professor of Education
   217.245.3449 |
Peter Lira
  Instructor in Education
Wendy McCarty
   Associate Professor of Education
   217.245.3447 |



 Daniel Meyer
 Assistant Professor of Education
   217.291-1609 |

Jaime KleinJamie Klein
   Instructor in Education  
   217.245.3485 |

Joan McQuillan
Joan McQuillan   Instructor of Education
   217.245.3297 | 

Todd D. Oberg (Director of Teacher Preparation Program)
   Professor of Mathematics
   217.245.3430 |
Amy Schwiderski
  Instructor of Education
  217.245.3299 |

Amy Wilson
  Associate Professor of  Education
   217.245.3892 |

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