Faculty in Communication and Rhetorical Studies

Adrienne Hacker Daniels
 Professor, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
217.245.3465 | | Whipple 207
B.A., Brooklyn College; M.A., Northwestern University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Hacker-Daniels teaches a wide range of courses within the communication discipline. Given her studies within theater and drama, she has forged scholarship which illumines important connections between rhetorical and poetic theory. She also publishes scholarship on the first amendment and interfaith dialogue. Hacker-Daniels is very active in the Convocation program at IC, collaborating with students, faculty and professional artists on commemorations of Holocaust Remembrance Day and National Free Speech Week.
Zachary W. Goldman
 Assistant Professor, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
217.245.3116 | | Whipple 205
B.S. University of Southern Indiana; M.A., Ph.D. West Virginia University
Dr. Goldman has taught numerous courses in the field of communication. Currently, he teaches courses in organizational communication, business communication and research methods. As a social scientist, Goldman's research interests focus on examining the intersections of communication, motivation and learning in both professional and educational contexts. Recently, his scholarship has examined the ways in which communication can be used to fulfill or stifle individuals' intrinsic motivation to learn and encourage human development in a variety of capacities. Goldman's research has been published in journals such as Communication Education, Western Journal of Communication, International Journal of Business Communication, Communication Quarterly, Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, Southern Communication Journal, Communication Reports and Communication Teacher. His work has also been presented at numerous international, national and regional conferences. He enjoys collaborating with students, particularly through student-faculty research opportunities, to help maximize the educational experiences that are available to students at Illinois College. 
Adam C. Jones, Department Chair
Associate Professor, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
217.245.3729 | | Whipple 204
B.A.,  M.A., Illinois State University; Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Dr. Jones has been a member of the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies since 2008 and began serving as department chair in Fall 2012. He is also the director of the newly created Speech Communication Center located in Whipple Hall 203. His research interests include instructional communication, out-of-class support, and student engagement. Dr. Jones has taught a wide variety of courses at the collegiate level, including public speaking, business and professional communication, interpersonal communication, small group communication, and communication theory as well as a seminar in instructional communication as part of IC’s Master of Education program.    
Christopher Oldenburg 
Associate Professor, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
217.245.3467 |   | Whipple 206
B.A., M.A., University of Dayton; Ph.D., University of Memphis
Dr. Oldenburg teaches courses in the history, theory, and criticism of rhetoric. His primary area of research explores how the inter-animation of narrative and character is rhetorically performed in the context of American political discourse. Secondary scholarly investigations include the relationships between rhetoric and aesthetics, rhetoric, war, religion, and culture, poetry, social hierarchy, and guilt. Oldenburg’s work has appeared in the KB Journal (Kenneth Burke Journal), Communication Studies, Southern Communication Journal, Presidential Studies Quarterly, and the Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric. He collaborates with students and faculty to sponsor Illinois College’s Reading Banned Books Week Convocation. Dr. Oldenburg has facilitated campus wide debate convocations and works with IC’s literary societies on their productions. He is a fervid champion for the oratorical version of liberal arts education!
Kallia O. Wright
Assistant Professor, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
217.245.3380 | | Crispin 301A
B.A. University of the West Indies, M.Sc., Ph.D., Ohio University
Dr. Wright has taught a variety of courses, ranging from courses in journalism to public relations to intercultural communication. Originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica, she brings a unique perspective to the classroom, both as a communication scholar and as an international transplant in the American culture. She uses qualitative research methods to address questions at the intersection of health and intercultural communication. Dr. Wright is also the main organizer of the Department’s Public Speaking Showcase which takes place annually in spring. 

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