Individualized Studies

Individualized Major

Do you prefer to take the “path less traveled”? If you are a trailblazer who wants to be a leader in a new field or passionate about an unconventional career path, the individualized major is the answer. This customized program will take you off the beaten path because you work directly with Illinois College mentors and educators to design an individual plan with the end-goals you want. 

Want a career in gerontology like Haley Mettendorf ’17? Done. Planning to join the family business when you graduate, like Rudy Pate ’16? No problem. Illinois College will help you turn your passion into a career. 

Discover the limitless possibilities at Illinois College and explore where an individual plan of study could take you. 

Jovanna Chavez ’17

Admission Counselor | Illinois College
“The first time I met with my advisor I started the conversation by saying, ‘I’ve got this crazy idea…’ I expected her to laugh at me but instead she looked me straight in the eyes and told me she could make it happen. And she did.” 


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