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Abraham Lincoln and Illinois College
A Logical Alma Mater
Download Loreli Steuer’s article, “A Logical Alma Mater – Abraham Lincoln and Illinois College,” that appeared in the March-April 2007 edition of Illinois Heritage published by the Illinois State Historical Society.
Excerpts from “A Logical Alma Mater” by Loreli Steuer
Abraham Lincoln’s Friends and Mentors at Illinois College
Julian Sturtevant
Illinois College’s second president with whom Lincoln formed the greatest kinship
Jonathan Baldwin Turner
With the Greene brothers as intermediaries, Lincoln’s first and only college professor
William Herndon
Illinois College student who was Lincoln’s law partner and mentee for 21 years
William and Lynn Greene
New Salem brothers who tutored Lincoln from their Illinois College class notes and books
Richard Yates
Strong political ally and supporter of Lincoln and first Illinois College graduate
David Rutledge
Close friend of Lincoln, and brother of Ann, who most likely urged him to attend Illinois College
Harvey Ross
Illinois College student who discussed with Lincoln the news and politics in the papers he delivered
William Berry
Illinois College student who was a partner with Lincoln in an early business venture and a close friend
David Smith
Illinois College Trustee and co-counsel with Lincoln on more than 60 legal cases
Charles Philbrick
Illinois College graduate and part of the Lincoln White House secretarial staff

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