Membership Roster

Mary Abigail Farrell Ayers
Mary Russel Badenoch
Emma Rankin Barber
Mary Patterson Brawer
Mary Turner Carriel
Julia Wolcott Carter
Mary Baxter Coultas
Mary Joy Cullimore
Lillian Irland Danskin
Sarah Brawner DePew
Elizabeth A. Deweese
Gracey Dewey
Anna C. Duer
Georgia Fairbank
Lillian Greene Fairbank
Jane F. Fisk
Nellie Ayers Garrett
Ella Reynolds Hembrough
Ida Sawyer King
Mabel Matton King
Harriet Eames Lander
Effie Smith Lansden
Bertha Anderson Marsh
Adelaide McCune
Eleanor Chambers McCune
Laura L. McDonald
Catherine Littell McHarry
Eleanor I. Moore
Margaret Vance Oliver
Amanda Pires
Rosalind Pires
Mabel Brown Potts
Dora A. Race
Effie J. Race
Love C. Race
Lillian Robertson Rankin
Caroline Trabue Reynolds
Catherine Murdock Smith
Ellie John Trabue
Helen VanWinkle
Delia Witherbee Wadsworth
Nellie Farrell Wadsworth
Laura B. Young

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