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Social Media and Email Policy

Templeton Counseling Center welcomes your contact! Staff also considers your confidentiality very important and wants to respond to your needs in a timely fashion. Due to concerns about confidentiality and the time demands on a small staff to be appropriately responsive, the Counseling Center staff does not participate in social networking sites.*
In addition, given the nature of email technology, staff also cannot guarantee its confidentiality. The Counseling Center strongly prefers that students handle all appointment scheduling, consultations and discussions of counseling issues via phone or in person. Staff members feel the in-person contact is much more effective in discussing issues, and since staff are not available on weekends, and are away from the office at times, a prompt response cannot be guaranteed. This becomes especially problematic with messages concerning crisis situations.
Given the limitations of email, all urgent needs or sensitive information should be handled by telephone or in-person contacts. All finalization of appointments and cancellations should also be addressed via telephone and or in-person.
*Social networking is the term used to describe the use of a variety of Internet Web sites that allow users to post materials, comment, reply, rank, rate and/or link themselves to other users. Collectively, these types of services are called "social media" or "Web 2.0." Social networking includes any usage of Web 2.0 technologies and sites, such as blogging or microblogging (Twitter, Plurk), photo sharing (Flickr, Twitpic), video sharing (YouTube, Vimeo), lifecasting (BlogTV, Qik), status sharing or discussion (Facebook, MySpace), networking (Linkedln, Plaxo) and so forth.

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