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Why Seek Counseling?

It is not unusual for students to feel anxious about seeking counseling. You may worry that it is a sign of weakness, or indicate that there is something seriously wrong with you. However, you don't have to be in crisis or have a mental illness to benefit from counseling. The college years are a time of great upheaval, change and growth, which at times can be overwhelming, painful and even frightening. These feelings are normal, if upsetting. In recent years college counseling centers across the country have reported significant increases both in the numbers of students seeking services and in the severity of symptoms these students present. This increase is reflected in the increased use of services at the Templeton Counseling Center. We believe that knowing when to ask for help is an indicator of personal wisdom and courage. Survey data over the years has told us that most students who use our services conclude that it was a positive and productive experience. Many recommend us to their friends.

Students bring many different concerns to our office. Among the issues they come to explore are:
:: abuse experiences
:: alcohol/drug use
:: adjusting to campus life
:: anxiety/worrying
:: death of a loved one/grieving losses
:: depression/mood swings
:: eating problems
:: family problems
:: homesickness/loneliness
:: low self-esteem
:: interpersonal conflicts
:: romantic relationship concerns
:: pain/chronic illness
:: stress/time management
:: self-injury behaviors
:: sexuality concerns
:: sexual assault
:: sleep problems
:: temper control
:: test anxiety

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