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Name:    Emily Adams
Position:    Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Languages-French
Department:    Faculty, Modern Languages
Office:    Kirby Learning Center, Room 14C
Phone:    217.245.3429
Email:    emily.adams@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Jim Allen
Position:    Supervisor of Maintenance/Grounds/Electrician
Department:    Facilities Management
Office:    Facilities Management Office
Phone:    217.245.3348
Email:    james.allen@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Douglas Allgaier
Position:    Public Safety Officer
Department:    Business Affairs
Office:    Gardner Hall, Room 7
Phone:    217.245.3111
Email:    dallgaie@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Garrett Allman
Position:    Associate Professor of Music
Department:    Faculty, Music
Office:    McGaw Fine Arts Center, Room 132
Phone:    217.245.3411
Email:    gnallman@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Jeremy Alm
Position:    Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department:    Faculty, Mathematics
Office:    Parker Science Building, Room 110
Phone:    217.245.3468
Email:    jeremy.alm@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Jessica Anderson
Position:    Assistant Professor of Art
Department:    Art
Office:    Crispin Hall, Room 106
Phone:    217.245.3450
Email:    jessica.anderson@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Jose' Arce
Position:    Associate Professor of Modern Languages-Spanish
Department:    Faculty, Modern Languages
Office:    Kirby Learning Center, Room 233A
Phone:    217.245.3437
Email:    jparce@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Bryan Arnold
Position:    Assistant Professor of Biology
Department:    Biology
Office:    Parker Science Building, Room 128
Phone:    217.245.3445
Email:    bryan.arnold@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Willie Barefield
Position:    Admission Counselor
Department:    Admission
Office:    Tanner Hall, First Floor
Phone:    217.245.3160
Email:    willie.barefield@mail.ic.edu

Name:    Jennifer Barker-Devine
Position:    Associate Professor of History
Department:    Faculty, History/Political Science
Office:    Kirby Learning Center, Room 218
Phone:    217.245.3476
Email:    jenny.barker-devine@mail.ic.edu

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