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Institute Leader | Coach Sherry Winn

Coach Winn is a two-time Olympian and national championship coach. Her 34 years of building championship teams provides you with the opportunity to learn the WIN Philosophy and WINNER Principles!

She has delivered over 1600 hours of paid speaking engagements and is the author of five books including an Amazon bestseller.

Unleash the Winning Leader Within You 
You are separated from your desires not by some outside force or fate, but by your belief system. Your connection to the WINNER within you, to the voice which says “I can” rather than “I can’t” is the means to your greatest achievement. The key to your success is knowledge. The WIN Philosophy will provide you with the transformational lessons needed to navigate success in business, leadership and life. 
You will discover:
  • The power of looking for solutions rather than at problems.
  • How to nourish the WINNER inside of you to find the true gifts you possess.
  • The energizing principles for personal growth and meaningful living.
  • The WIN Philosophy which stimulates you to be at your personal best.
  • How to empower yourself and those you lead through positive convictions.

Past True Blue Institutes

True Blue Institute 2016: For the second annual TBI, students were challenged to think about their energy and how they show up in life, work and relationships. With the topic of "Your Energy is Everything," leadership expert Ryan Penneau from Take Back College came to campus to spend the evening with students for an interactive leadership experience.
True Blue Institute 2015: The inaugural TBI brought together student affairs professionals and student for a half day of leadership sessions, team builders and fun! Leadership session topics included authentic leadership, StrengthsQuest, managing stress and more. Students who were looking to network and gain valuable leadership skills were encouraged to attend. 

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