Responsibilities of Academic Support Staff

February 2008

Academic support staff have significant skills which support our academic program. This document prioritizes the tasks of academic support staff. They must determine what tasks they can successfully accomplish in their hours of work, using these priorities as a guide as well as the order in which faculty bring requests to them.

First Priority: Course Needs
  • Assistance to full and part-time professors and instructors
  • Photocopying
  • Word processing: typing syllabi, course materials, letters of recommendation
  • Holding regular office hours so that faculty know when to seek assistance
  • Notifying faculty of the arrival of packages
  • Leaving a message in a classroom if a faculty member cannot arrive on campus
  • Monitoring communal office equipment including photocopiers, fax machines, etc.
Second Priority: Department and Program Chairs
  • Picking up and distributing faculty mail
  • Filing and organizing receipts and budget information
  • Supervising student workers as appropriate
  • Arranging meetings, by contacting others and reserving rooms
  • Word processing departmental or program documents
  • Distributing minutes from department meetings
Third Priority: Other Faculty Responsibilities
  • Word processing: faculty manuscripts, publications, presentations
  • Making phone calls for faculty related to scholarly activities
  • Making appointments or keeping track of records related to advising
  • Leaving the office to carry out faculty tasks on campus, briefly
Not Appropriate Tasks
  • Personal Requests by Faculty: fetching food and drink, watering plants, watching children, dealing with personal responsibilities, such as insurance forms, doctors’ appointments, and vacation arrangements.
  • Leaving the campus to carry out faculty tasks


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