Guidelines for Proposals - Sabbatical Replacements

Sabbatical Replacements
Spring 2009

Requests for Replacements for Faculty on Sabbaticals

The Dean asks departments and programs to try to plan the timing of sabbaticals and the distribution of courses among department or program members in order to minimize the need for replacement faculty.

When a department or program believes it is necessary to request the hiring of sabbatical replacements, the chair should sent a proposal to the Dean of the College by Oct. 15 of the year preceding the academic year in which the sabbatical will take place. The proposal should explain the need for the position.

What alternative arrangements is the department or program adopting in response to a planned sabbatical?

Please indicate how department members will rearrange course responsibilities or curricular offerings to ensure that graduating seniors will have access to necessary courses and the department is able to offer sufficient courses in general education to meet likely needs.

If the department’s attempts to rearrange teaching responsibilities are not sufficient to meet the College’s needs, which course or courses would be offered by a temporary faculty member?

Please explain the numbers of students likely to need these courses and why. The Office of the Registrar will provide data about past enrollments to help in planning.

How would the sabbatical and proposed replacement affect interdisciplinary programs?

Please indicate the department or program’s contributions to interdisciplinary programs, the impact on the programs of the sabbatical, and the expected contribution of a replacement faculty member.

The Dean of the College will seek the counsel of the Dean’s Advisory Committee in considering these requests. All requests must be considered in light of the needs of the College as a whole.


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