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What makes a major in Economics from Illinois College distinctive?
The Economics major is dedicated to developing a very wide and diverse understanding of economics in the world by using instruction, preparatory training tools and methods of scientific inquiry.  It emphasizes both economic theories and applications.  It is intended to give an understanding of the nature, operation and problems of the economy and today’s business world.  The classes are designed to meet the needs of students desiring a broader understanding of economic applications,  whether in the students’ own environment or in a career in business.  The major is designed to develop excellence in understanding economic or financial analysis and to prepare majors for graduate studies and careers.

What opportunities are available for students interested in economics?

Investment Club: The Illinois College Warren Billhartz Student Investment Club is an organization, where students learn how to invest wisely. Using real money, the students have the chance to see firsthand the effect of the market has on the investment portfolio.  The group also takes trips throughout the year to businesses, such as the Archer Daniel Midland’s headquarters in Decatur, IL and The Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, NE.

Breakaway Program: Recent breakaway trips have been led by Economics professors. Professor Klein has co-led two BreakAways to Ireland; the most recent focused on economy and agriculture. 

Internships/Field Work: Illinois College economic majors often participate in internships with companies in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.  Recent internships have been done at Merrill Lynch, Morgan County Housing Authority, AG Edwards, Jacksonville Savings Bank and DOT Foods.
Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) is a global not-for-profit education organization aimed at helping world citizens understand the principles and values of market economics. Members of SIFE compete nationally against teams from other colleges and universities based upon completed projects and formal presentations.

What do our economic majors do after graduating from Illinois College?
Your major in economics can prepare you for careers in for-profit business, non-profit business, government, law and charitable agencies.  Economics trains you to think in a way that is useful in solving problems.  That is the most important skill that organizations want their employees to have.  Our economic majors entering the work force have become financial advisors, associate analyst, policy advisors, attorneys, mortgage bankers and human resource specialists.  They have been employed by Southwester Bell Telephone, AXA Advisors, FDIC, Illinois Commerce Commission and the State of Illinois just to name a few.

Recently some Illinois College economic majors have pursued graduate study.  A degree in economics prepares you for study in many fields such as business management, finance, public and international policy, economics and law school.  Recent graduate schools that have been attended by our graduates are Roosevelt University, University of Illinois-Springfield, De Paul University, Washington University, and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

What objectives do faculty members in the economics department have for their majors?
Dr. Kevin Klein hopes “students will develop a thought process that allows them to analyze any situation through an economic viewpoint.  For example, how might the incentive structure system with international environmental laws be designed so that businesses and consumers respond by changing their behavior to create a cleaner environment?”

Faculty in the Department of Economics

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