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Illinois College does not recommend that you pay any fees to find and apply for college scholarships. Other good places to look for scholarships include community organizations, schools, churches, parent's employers, and of course, your high school guidance counselor.
Click on the links below for outside scholarships (organized by deadline date) identified by Illinois College. This is not an all-inclusive list and we cannot guarantee the validity of the information. Please check each website carefully for criteria and deadlines.  For new and updated scholarship information, please  click on the "Read More" option that is provided at the end of each month. 
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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in October 2017
Women in Science Scholarship
Giving Back to the Community Scholarship
Adversity Scholarship
Internet Marketing Scholarships
Need based scholarships
Water Sustainability Scholarship

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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in November 2017
McEwen Drug Lawsuit Scholarship
Hartsoe Law Firm Law School Scholarship
National CPR Association Scholarship
Business & Technology Scholarship
Marketing Scholarship
Injury Scholarship
Automotive Scholarship
Website Creation Scholarship
Latino Scholarship 

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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in December 2017
Burning Tree Academic Excellence College Scholarship
Marketing Automation Scholarship
Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship
Innovation Scholarship Essay Contest
Eco-Friendly Sustainability Scholarship from Elite Fixtures
Law School/ Law Office Scholarship Opportunities
Digital Media and Marketing Scholarship
Pet Adoption Scholarship
Annual Depression Scholarship

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