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Vehicle Registration and Parking


All motor vehicles including motorcycles and motor driven scooters must be registered with the department of public safety whether a parking permit is purchased or not. All motor vehicles including motorcycles and motor driven scooters must be parked in marked parking spaces in the appropriate parking lot. All motor vehicles including motorcycles and motor driven scooters parked in no parking areas will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking permits will be color coded and priced as follows:
  • Dark Blue - All faculty and staff and all commuter students. $70 per year (Sept - May)
  • Green - Returning and transfer resident students residing in Lincoln, Gardner, Turner, Fayerweather or the College Apartments or College owned houses. $70 per year (Sept - May)
  • Brown - Returning and transfer resident students residing in Mundinger, Greene, Pixley , Ellis. $70 per year (Sept - May)
  • Orange - First-year students and any of the above categories who choose not to purchase a permit. Free
Fees for students will be charged to accounts and both semesters will be charged in the fall. Fees for employees will be deducted in full from their next paycheck as a payroll deduction. Refunds for purchasers not staying the second semester will be made if permit is returned prior to close of registration of second semester. Permits are available in the Department of Public Safety Office located in Gardner Hall, Monday through Friday. It is best to call 217.245.3111 first to ensure someone is available to issue you your permit.

Permits are designed to be transferred from vehicle to vehicle for users who drive multiple vehicles to avoid having to purchase more than one parking permit. Faculty and staff who carpool with two or more persons per vehicle can get a free permit.

Orange Permit Parking Areas
   :: Campus Services Lot (All first-year students must park in this lot)
   :: Tennis Court Parking Lot

Blue Permit Parking Areas
Areas for dark blue permits will only be reserved from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
   :: Beecher Parking Lot
   :: McGaw Parking Lot
   :: Crampton Lot
   :: Schewe Library Parking Lot
   :: Designated areas of Kirby Parking Lot
   :: Designated areas of Cummings Lot
   :: Octagon House Lot
Brown Permit Parking Areas
  :: Mundinger and Greene Parking Lot

Green Permit Parking Areas
Green permits required always.
   :: Designated areas of Cummings Lot
   :: Designated areas of Lincoln Hall Lot  
   :: Temporary Gravel Parking Lot South of Edgehill
   :: Designated areas of Kirby Parking Lot
   :: College Apartments Lot
Parking lots will be posted with proper signs designating what color permits are allowed to park in them.

The parking lots beside Memorial Gym, Ellis Hall and behind Schewe Library will be used during move in days and only temporary parking will be allowed for unloading on these days. After you are unloaded you are to move your vehicles to another parking lot.

Illinois College is not responsible or liable for any damage done to vehicles while they are parked on campus.

Students, faculty and staff have a ten day grace period to register for a permit. Ten days after registration day citations will be issued. Parking violations have a $30 fine. Vehicles parked in handicap spaces must display handicap plates or a valid handicap hang tag. All vehicles parked on campus must be currently licensed and operational at all times.  Vehicles are only allowed in specified parking areas and roadways except under direction of the physical plant department or department of public safety. Students, faculty and staff are not allowed to park in any of the visitor spaces or bookstore customer spaces on campus.

Appeals to parking citations must be filed in writing to the Director of Public Safety within seven days. Appeals must include name, address, phone number, email address, vehicle license number, parking decal number, ticket number, date issued, location, violation and reason for appeal.

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