Campus Life

Residence Hall Services

:: Air Conditioning - Every room in the residence halls have air-conditioning.
:: Internet – Wireless and plug-in Ethernet internet, as well as basic cable service is provided in every room of the residence halls. Students should supply their own cords to connect to the Ethernet, and are asked to plug gaming systems directly into the Ethernet ports rather than using the wireless network. Ethernet cords are available to students for free from the Office of Residential Life. Personal wireless routers are not allowed.
:: Furniture – every student is provided a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser, and a wardrobe/ closet space in their assigned room.
:: Hall Programs/ Socials – The in-hall residential life staff are responsible for conducting a number of floor-specific and entire-hall events throughout the academic year. The hall programs may be educational in nature, designed to build community, or support service opportunities. Hall events give the residents an opportunity to meet and connect with the other students on their floor and in their building. 
:: Keys - Students are issued physical keys for their room and campus mailbox. Students use their student ID to access their assigned residence building* (*Students assigned to Crampton Hall will have a physical key for the building exterior doors). Students are asked to carry their keys and student ID with them at all times. If a student loses his/her keys s/he is responsible for the replacement cost.
:: Laundry - Laundry facilities are located in every building and are free for student use. Students are required to bring their own detergent and washing supplies. The LaundryView system allows students to monitor the status of the washers and dryers as an app on their phone, online, and through text or email.
:: Mail – Residents will receive their mail through an assigned box located in their residence hall. Any large packages that are received can be picked up in the campus mailroom, located in Memorial Gym.
:: Phone - A telephone line and a voice mail system is available to every student. Students must request that the phone line be activated at the beginning of the school year.
:: Printing - Networked printers are available for student use in every hall. If students bring a wireless printer, we ask that they do not use the wireless setup and instead plug their laptop or PC directly into the printer.
:: Refrigerators/Microwaves – Students are allowed to bring a personal refrigerator and microwave. Refrigerators of up to four cubic feet and microwaves up to 700 watts are allowed in the residence hall rooms.
:: Refuge Removal – Every residence hall offers refuge pick up on each floor. Residents are asked to dispose of their personal trash in the common area refuge receptacles; all refuge is taken out daily by custodial staff.
:: Student Lounges – every residence hall has common area space set aside for student use outside of their personal room. Each lounge includes a television, a variety of seating and the hall’s networked printer for student use. Some student lounges include pool or ping pong tables, many halls also offer separate study lounge space.
:: Vending Machines – All residence halls are equipped with drink machines.

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