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Residence hall life adds exciting dimensions to a student's overall campus experience. Late night talks and sharing daily experiences create lasting friendships and networks of support. Staff members bring professors and programs into each residence hall to extend learning beyond classroom boundaries. Students have strong affection for their residence hall experience and enjoy their home away from home.

Ellis Hall offers a traditional-style residence hall living experience for 113 students and is named in honor of a College founder, Rev. John M. Ellis, and his wife, Frances.
   ::  Coeducational by floor
   ::  All rooms are air-conditioned
   ::  Room dimensions are 12' x 13'

Gardner Hall offers a traditional-style residence hall environment to 115 students. It was built in 1954 and is named in memory of Judge William Gardner (A.B. 1884, A.M. 1887, Litt.D. 1943).
   ::  Renovated in 2011
   ::  Coeducational by floor
   ::  All rooms are air-conditioned
   ::  Television lounge in lower level featuring games and activities
   ::  Room dimensions are 14' x 13'

Greene Hall opened in 1995 and is an upper-class building housing 78 students. It features suite-style living designed to house four students per suite. Greene Hall is named for William and Lynn Greene, New Salem brothers who tutored Abraham Lincoln from their Illinois College class notes and books.
   ::  Each suite contains two bedrooms, a living room and a private bath
   ::  All rooms are air-conditioned
   ::  Coeducational by suite
   ::  Room dimensions are:
            - 10' x 18' (Bedroom)
            - 10' x 10' (Common Room)

Lincoln Hall is the College's newest residence hall which opened in the fall of 2006. It offers suite-style living for 198 students.
   ::  Coeducational by suite
   ::  Primarily sophomores, juniors and seniors
   ::  All rooms have air-conditioning
   ::  Offers single and double room living options
   ::  Fairfield Library and two multi-purpose classrooms
   ::  Study lounges on each floor
   ::  Large lobbies on second and third floor
   ::  Room dimensions are:
           - 11' x 15' (Bedroom)
           - 11' x 11' (Entryway)
           - 11' x '14 (Single Rooms)

Mundinger Hall is a traditional-style residence hall built in 1992 and named in honor of the 11th president of the College, Donald C. Mundinger.
   ::  Houses 63 students
   ::  Each floor has a television lounge; large lounge on the lower level
   ::  All rooms are air-conditioned
   ::  Coeducational by floor
   ::  Room dimensions are 12' x 18'

Pixley Hall offers a traditional-style residence hall living experience for 100 female students and is named for A. Boyd Pixley and Ruth Badger Pixley '18, the composer and author, respectively, of the "Illinois College Alma Mater."
   ::  All rooms are air-conditioned
   ::  Study lounge
   ::  Primarily first-year and sophomore students
   ::  Room dimensions are 13' x 13'
Turner Hall offers traditional-style residence hall living for 109 male students. Built in 1965, Turner Hall is named for two brothers: Asa Turner, a member of the College's founding "Yale Band," and Jonathan Baldwin Turner, an early faculty member and "the father of the Land Grant College Act of 1862."
   ::  Television lounge featuring:
            - tournament-size pool table and ping pong table
   ::  Primarily first-year and sophomore students
   ::  All rooms are air-conditioned
   ::  Room dimensions are 11' x 14' 
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