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What is an internship? Why should you do an internship?
An internship is an arrangement with an organization or business to have a “real world” experience in the work force. Basically you perform a wide variety of tasks of increasing responsibilities and try and learn what the particular industry or organization’s daily activities are AND you connect this to your learning. This experience can help you determine if a particular career path is a good match, help you decide on a major, or to assist you in deciding if the major you have is what you really want to pursue. The experience also gives you an opportunity to learn how to integrate yourself into a team, learn new skills or practice learned skills, improve communication and organizational skills and learn more about yourself. Internships are also a major recruiting tool for most organizations Opportunities are only limited by a student’s ability to dream and plan ahead.

How do you find an internship?
  1. Network with faculty, staff, family and friends.
  2. Check the resources located in the Office of Career Services. 
  3. Set up an appointment with Internship Coordinator JJ Sadler to learn about past internships that IC students have completed and for personal assistance setting up a new internship.  
  4. Utilize online resources such as Internships.comCareerShift, and College Central.
  5. Ask about the IC Explorer Internship Program or the Illinois College Environmental Issues Internship Program.  Application information will be available each fall in the Career Services office.
  6. Check Career Fair Listings with websites that include employers of entry-level graduates. Often, employers have internships available.
  7. Google different phrases such as "[Your field] internships," "[Your field] volunteer opportunities," and "[Your field] undergraduate research."
  8. Stop by the Office of Career Services located in Baxter Hall for more help.
Will you get paid?
Some internships are paid, others are not. It largely depends upon the field or industry. Students often participate in unpaid internships while earning college credit. Career services and faculty advisors can help ensure your particular needs are met.

Will you earn academic credit?
Most students do receive academic credit for their internship. Consult with your faculty advisor to provide more information about whether a specific internship could receive academic credit. An Internship Learning Contract indicating an internship is "for credit," found below, must be completed by the established dates found below. It is not necessary for you receive academic credit. Please complete the Internship Learning Contract that is "not for credit" to register your experience with our office.
Are there registration deadlines?
YES! There are very important internship registration deadlines. No retroactive credit will be awarded.
Internship Registration Packets are due to Career Services and the Registrar's Office no later than 4:30 p.m. on the following dates:
:: Spring semester 2015 - February 2, 2015 Deadline
The registrar policy dictates the deadline for this date that equates to the 10th day of class.
:: Summer semester 2015 - June 1, 2015 Deadline
This is the deadline even if the arrangement is to complete the the internship
          work in the summer, and the academic requirement completed in the fall. Therefore,
whether the credit appears in the fall or the summer the deadline is June 1st.
:: Fall semester 2014 -  September 15, 2014 Deadline
The registrar policy dictates the deadline for this date that equates to the 10th day of class.
What will it cost you?
You can take up to 20 credit hours for the same tuition fees in the Fall in Spring semesters for the current academic year. Example: if you were signed up for 17 credits, taking a 3 credit hour internship would cost you nothing extra. If it is summer and you would like the internship to appear on your transcripts as a summer internship, the cost is $850/credit hour or $3,400 for a 4 credit hour internship. However, if you wish to do a summer internship without extra cost, you can defer the credit to the fall. You must do the academic work during the fall semester and add the internship course to your fall course schedule. You will need to make sure this does not take you over the full-time tuition limit of 20 credits. The June 1 deadline is in effect no matter when you seek credit for a summer internship.

Do students ever receive job offers from their internships?
Quite often. Internships are a major recruiting tool for most organizations. Opportunities are only limited by a student’s ability to dream and plan ahead.

What are the off campus semester-long internships at The Washington Center and Chicago Center?
The Washington Center will place you for a full semester or summer in Washington D.C. in a government, for-profit, or not-for-profit organization in addition to providing housing and academic credit for internship and their seminar program. More information is available in the Office of Career Services (217.245.3040) or online at
The Chicago Center will place you for a full semester, summer, or a short May term in the city of Chicago for an internship, with housing and academic credit. More information is available in the Office of Career Services (217.245.3040) or online at

Both of these programs have your financial aid coverage similar to a semester at Illinois College during the academic year and you may apply for a travel scholarship for any additional costs such as housing in Washington D.C. versus Jacksonville. Dr. Almut Spalding, Director of Study Abroad and Off-Campus Study, is the official liaison for Illinois College and all students must apply to both programs through her office. Students applying to these programs for an academic semester must meet all study abroad application deadlines - December 10 for the following academic year. No financial aid is available for summer programs.

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