The German House

 German House 
The German House provides interested students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the German language and culture in ways not possible in a traditional classroom setting. The house is meant as an English-free zone, where students can reinforce language learning and share their experiences and knowledge of German culture. This is good preparation for study abroad in German-speaking countries and a means for students to retain their fluency upon returning to Illinois College. As a residence hall, the house offers room for up to four students and the director, a native German student from the University of Heidelberg. The director oversees the house as resident staff, tutor, fellow student, and coordinator of a program that includes a weekly Kaffeestunde (coffee table), movie nights, discussions, lectures, group meals, excursions, festivities and other cultural and social activities.

For more information about the German House, please contact our German House Director.
Living in the German House
Applications for living in the German House are handled through the Residence Life office. Feel free to direct questions to German professors Drs. Bernd Estabrook or Almut Spalding.

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