VII. Assessment Annual Cycle

VII. Assessment Annual Cycle (PDF)

Assessment processes at Illinois College follow a schedule that permits information-based decision-making. Figure 1 shows an illustration of the assessment cycle at the College.

The Assessment Plan for academic departments or programs and administrative units is submitted by September 15 and the Mid-Year Assessment Progress Report is composed by February 1. The annual Assessment Implementation Report is submitted by June 1. Thus there are ample opportunities during the academic year to identify potential problems in the assessment process, communicate these problems in writing to the Assessment Committee, and reach a resolution. Reviews of the Assessment Implementation Reports are completed by July 15, thus departments or programs and units have the remainder of the summer break to update and revise their assessment plans, which again are due by September 15.

Department-level assessment reports and reviews form the basis for the division-level Vice President Assessment Reports, which are submitted by August 15 or September 15. The Vice President Assessment Reports serve two main functions. First, they are provided to faculty and staff in the respective divisions, thus the Vice President reports can inform department-level decisions about assessment practices and policies, which may be incorporated into the upcoming Assessment Plans. Second, the Vice President Assessment Reports are featured in the Institutional Assessment Report, which is submitted to the Assessment Committee in October of even years. Then, the approved Institutional Assessment Report is submitted to the President.

Assessment Cycle

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