VI. The Institutional Assessment Report

 VI. The Institutional Assessment Report (PDF)

The Chair of the Assessment Committee compiles a report on the assessment activities, results, and interpretation that took place over the preceding two academic years. The report should include data and interpretation collected according to the Institutional Assessment Plan as approved by the Assessment Committee. The Institutional Assessment Report is expected to rely, for the most part, on two main sources of information:

  1. Division-level reports by the Vice Presidents (see section V above).
  2. Institution-level data and interpretation, such as institution-wide surveys and student examinations. This information typically is provided by the Director of Institutional Research.

The Report is submitted to the Assessment Committee in October of even years. After review and approval by the Assessment Committee, the Chair will submit the report to the Vice Presidents and President. The report also will be made available to faculty, staff, and students, in a format to be determined by the Assessment Committee in consultation with the President. Strategic planning is an attempt to articulate and realize a desired future state for an institution, with consideration for its internal strengths and weaknesses and its external threats and opportunities. Because assessment results can be used to form the basis of the Strategic Planning Committee’s understanding of the institution’s position, the Institutional Assessment Report is submitted to the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee

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