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Illinois College Convocation Program

Convocations are an integral part of the Illinois College educational experience, based on the mission and vision of the College. 
  • Convocations inspire achievement and empower students to make a difference in the world by facilitating shared experiences around ideas of universal importance. 
  • Convocations ensure that students have academic and co-curricular experiences outside of the classroom that will supplement and complement the education taking place inside the classroom.
  • Convocations bring ideas of wide interest to all students, regardless of their focus of study, and bring contemporary issues and personalities to the campus.
  • Convocations promote the development of well-rounded and successful students.
  • Convocations provide an important opportunity to increase diversity on campus, by providing a venue to hear from speakers otherwise under-represented on campus.
Graduation Requirement:
Because convocations are an integral part of students’ educations, they are required to attend 30 convocations. Students are expected to fulfill this requirement by the end of their junior year, by attending an average of five convocations per semester. 

The Selection Process:
The Convocation Committee will approve 20-25 events for convocation credit each semester. Of these, approximately half will be curricular or cultural and half will relate to professional and personal growth.

Many meaningful campus programs and events take place each semester outside of the convocation program. Programs are considered for convocation credit based on the following criteria:
  • Their pertinence and accessibility to a broad campus audience | Convocation programs must be open to the entire campus community and address topics and/or experiences of interest and applicability to a wide variety of perspectives and experience.
  • Their contribution to learning and student development | Convocation programs must connect to and identify specific learning outcomes that are meaningful and achievable.
  • The quality of their leadership | Convocation program speakers or presenters must demonstrate advanced expertise and credibility in the subject to be presented.
The Convocation Committee will track presentation topics to assure that the programming each year is varied and representative of our student body. Categories will include (but not be limited to): race/ethnicity, faith, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic class, and ability/disability.

How to Apply:
Once you have made arrangements for an event (reserved a space, booked a speaker, and so forth), you may apply to have convocation credit awarded for the event. As noted above, many events take place on campus every semester; convocation credit is awarded to a subset of these events.

One thing that distinguishes convocations from other events is that they have specific learning goals, which are measurable. For information about how to define learning goals, how to measure them, and how to analyze the data, please review How to Assess Convocations.

To apply for convocation credit, please review How to Complete the Application for Convocation Credit and then complete the Application for Convocation Credit form to submit your request (only applications submitted via this form will be considered). The Committee often returns applications with a request for more information; submitting your request at least four weeks before your event will provide enough time for the Committee to review the initial application and, if necessary, for you to submit a revised application.

Requests for convocation credit that are made less than two weeks before the event is scheduled to take place will not be considered.

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