Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Students wishing to prepare for a career in veterinary medicine are advised to major in Biology, Chemistry or biochemistry. They should consult the requirements of representative veterinary medicine schools in consultation with their advisor to select a program meeting those requirements. 

Veterinary medicine schools consider a number of factors in the admissions process.  Admission processes are VERY competitive and take into account factors such as grade point average, science grade point average (note- grades in science classes essentially count twice) GRE scores, experience with animals and the veterinary profession, personal attributes, letters of recommendation and an interview process. The single most important factor is the academic record, but takes more than excellent grades to be accepted. The application to veterinary medical schools is submitted through the Veterinary Medicine Common Application Service (VMCAS).

Over the past twenty years, Illinois College students have been accepted at the following veterinary medicine schools:

::    University of Illinois (9)
::    Iowa State University (1)
::    University of Missouri (3)
::    Kansas State University (2)
Illinois College graduates have also been accepted at Purdue University, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Tennessee.

Our Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advisors:
Laura Corey, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Biology
Coordinator, Illinois College Medical School Preparation Program
Office: Parker 124
Bryan Arnold, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of Biology
Assistant Coordinator, Illinois College Medical School Preparation Program
Office: Parker 128

Preparing for Veterinary Medicine at Illinois College

Most students enter veterinary medical school after completing their BA or BS degree. While pre-veterinary medicine students should be careful to choose the courses specifically required at the schools to which they plan to apply, nearly all veterinary medical schools will require the following coursework:

2 semesters of general chemistry
2 semesters of organic chemistry
1 semester of biochemistry
2 semesters of physics with laboratory
2 semesters of biology with laboratory
1 semester of genetics
2 semesters of anatomy/physiology
1 semester of microbiology
2 semesters of English (writing)

Other highly recommended courses include zoology, nutrition, parasitology, statistics, immunology and histology.

Sample 4-year Schedule for Illinois College Pre-Veterinary Medicine Students with Science Major

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