Students wishing to prepare for a career in optometry are advised to major in Biology or Chemistry with a concentration in both disciplines.  They should consult the requirements of representative optometry schools in consultation with their advisor to select a program meeting those requirements. 

Optometry schools consider a number of factors in the admissions process. Admission to optometry school is a highly selective process. Besides the prerequisite courses listed below, admission factors include a high grade point average, above-average OAT scores, personal qualities, experience with a licensed optometrist, letters of recommendation and leadership. Shadowing an optometrist or working in an optometry practice is strongly encouraged and can be accomplished in the student's home town or with practitioners in the Jacksonville area. The application for admission to optometry school is submitted through the Optometry Centralized Application Service (OptomCAS).

Illinois College students have been attended the following optometry programs:

::    University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry (5)
::    Southern College of Optometry (3)
::    Illinois College of Optometry (2)
::    Indiana University College of Optometry (3)
::    New England College of Optometry (1)

Our Pre-Optometry Advisors:
Rayyan Yassin '12, MEng. Engineering Mechanics
Coordinator for Pre-engineering and Pre-Health Sciences Programs
Office: Parker 109
Laura Corey, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Biology
Coordinator, Illinois College Medical School Preparation Program
Office: Parker 124
Paul Hamilton, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of Biology
Assistant Coordinator, Illinois College Medical School Preparation Program
Office: Parker 115

Preparing for Optometry School at Illinois College

Pre-optometry students should consult with the health professions advisor to schedule courses and attend pre-health profession meetings when scheduled. Students should also become involved in activities that will develop and demonstrate leadership abilities and interest in service. While students should be careful to choose the courses specifically required at each school of optometry to which they plan to apply, the general science prerequisites include:

1 full year of general chemistry (CH 111, 211)
1 semester of organic chemistry (CH 203)
1 semester of biochemistry (CH 309)
1 full year of physics (PY 181, 182 or PY 201, 202)
1+ semesters of calculus (MA 213)
2+ semesters of biology, including microbiology (BI 245)
2+ semesters of anatomy and physiology I and II (BI 315, 316)
1 semester of statistics (MA 123)

Other strongly suggested courses include genetics, economics, cell/molecular biology and computer science. 

Sample 4-year Schedule for Illinois College Pre-Optometry Students with Science Major

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