Pre-Occupational Therapy

Students wishing to prepare for a career in occupational therapy have two options while attending Illinois College. Students should consult  with their advisor to select an option that best suits their education plan. 

OPTION I: 3-2 Program
Students may choose to complete the 3-2 requirements at Illinois College in three years an then apply for admission to the professional program at Washington University. They must also complete a modified BLUEPRINT program. After successful completion of the first professional year, students earn a B. S. in Biology from Illinois College. After the second year at Washington University, they are awarded the M.S. degree in Occupational Therapy; some students now choose to complete three years at Washington University and earn the doctoral degree in Occupational Therapy.
OPTION II: General Completion
Students may also elect to complete their baccalaureate degree in any field (including prerequisite courses for OT and BLUEPRINT courses) at Illinois College and then apply to Washington University or any other program in the country. 

Occupational therapy schools consider a number of factors in the admissions process.  The application process to occupational therapy graduate programs are highly competitive and take into account high grade point average, application essays, GRE scores, experience with an occupational therapist, letters of recommendation, and leadership qualities when selecting qualified candidates. The application process is accomplished through the Occupational Therapy Common Application Service (OTCAS).

In the past fifteen years, Illinois College students have been accepted at the following occupational therapy programs:

::    Washington University (22 students, 14 of which chose the 3-2 option)
::    University of Indianapolis (4)
::    St. Ambrose University (3)
::    Midwestern University (2)
::    Rockhurst University (2)
::    Governor's State University (1)
::    Mount St. Mary's College (1)

Our Pre-Occupational Therapy Advisors:
Rayyan Yassin '12, MEng. Engineering Mechanics
Coordinator for Pre-engineering and Pre-Health Sciences Programs
Office: Parker 109
Laura Corey, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Biology
Coordinator, Illinois College Medical School Preparation Program
Office: Parker 124
Paul Hamilton, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of Biology
Assistant Coordinator, Illinois College Medical School Preparation Program
Office: Parker 115


Preparing for Occupational Therapy School at Illinois College

Pre-occupational therapy students are strongly encouraged to major in Biology and/or Psychology to be prepared for the OT graduate program.  While students should be careful to choose the courses specifically required at each school of occupational therapy to which they plan to apply, the general science prerequisites should be met. 

Sample 4-year Schedule for Illinois College Pre-Occupational Therapy Students with Science Major

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