Illinois College is offering two of its most popular classes ONLINE for the first time!

CO 210 Business Communication (4 credit hours)
This course is designed to enhance one’s understanding of the skills, principles and contexts of communication in business and organizational settings. Oral presentations and written assignments are utilized to evaluate competencies in verbal and nonverbal communication efforts. A framework of strategic communication is introduced for the planning and implementation of various interpersonal and presentational principles and skills along with an examination of important theories of organizational communication.

MA 123 Elementary Statistics (4 credit hours)
The study of basic descriptive and inferential statistical methods, with applications primarily to the biological, behavioral, and social sciences. Prerequisite: College Algebra MA 103, appropriate placement recommendation, or consent of the instructor.

Classes start June 6 and end July 29.
$300 per credit hour
For additional information or to register today, contact:
Office of the Registrar
Tanner Hall, 2nd Floor
Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Technology Recommendations
  • Broadband (Fiber, Cable, or DSL): Connection of at least 3 Mbps is highly recommended for optimal student experience. You can check your current internet speed by going to
  • Satellite and/or Cellular (3G/4G) may also be used.
  • Using a free security software to help guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software; such as Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows or AVG for Mac to protect your computer from viruses and other types of computer threats is recommended. Since an anti-virus/anti-malware program is no better than its virus definitions. Virus definitions should be updated regularly, preferably on a weekly basis.
  • A wired or wireless headset and webcam are recommended but are optional.

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