Summer Projects 2012

  • Replace almost all switches on campus with Meraki gigabit switches, cleaning up network closets and installing new 5 ft. cat6 patch cables as we go.
  • Replace all 230 Cisco access points with Meraki access points. (indoor and outdoor)
  • After facilities moves old switch rack from Tanner basement to Baxter, Rack all servers and SAN parts that are currently stacked in the floor.
  • Install new Revinetix backup system and get all server backup jobs transferred to it and working.
  • Identify all teaching and presentation machines and upgrade them to 4GB of Ram and Windows 7. This includes the presentation laptops in Education as well.
  • Run T:\DeleteProfiles\New Delprof\delprof2.exe to cleanly remove all profiles from all Kirby 244 Lab machines, all education lab machines (including laptops), all terminal server lab machines, and all library machines.
  • Transition students from student common to Google Drive, and push Google Drive client out to all IC computers.
  • Reconfigure Lincoln networking so fiber lines go directly to each of the 6 closets instead of a distribution switch.
  • Optimize Spiceworks and get the Meraki software set up on all new switches. This may be a good replacement for Orion NPM.
  • Finish networking and new servers for Cummings dining hall (CBORD project). 
  • Upgrade all faculty and staff who respond to Windows 7.
  • Replace 60 faculty and staff computers with new ones, ensuring that all their data is backed up and restored correctly.
  • Integration of Connect2/Moodle
  • Replaced all batteries in Baxter network core UPS system to maintain optimal up time during any power outages
  • Installed dual projectors and screens, podium, ceiling speakers, DVD, Crestron controls in Parker 107
  • Added  smart cart w/VCR, DVD, PC and blue-tooth keyboard with integrated touch-pad in Parker Conference Room 
  • Installed projector, podium, ceiling mounted speakers,VCR, DVD, screen, 
    Extron Control in Kirby 108
  • Added Smartboard w/ DVD,VCR and PC and blue-tooth keyboard and blue-tooth keyboard 

     to Crispin 107

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