Guidelines Tenure-Track Faculty Position Requests

Spring 2013

Requests for Tenure-Track Positions
Departments or programs requesting a tenure-track faculty position, either for a new position or to replace a faculty member leaving the College permanently, should send a proposal to the Dean by June 1 of the calendar year in which the search would begin. The proposal should explain the need for the position, including the following issues.

What is the curricular need for the position?
Please indicate how the teaching areas for the position are appropriate to the discipline as well as to the needs of Illinois College. Would the expertise you expect to seek complement that of the existing faculty positions? How will this expertise support the major? To what extent is the position sought different from the position being replaced?

What is the need for the position in terms of the BLUEprint and service to other departments or programs?
Please indicate how the department or program currently serves the needs of the BLUEprint. Would the new position offer courses meeting specific BLUEprint categories? Would the position offer courses which serve the needs of other departments or programs? Would the position offer courses which would contribute to signature programs, to IC Connections, or the Leadership Program? Would the new position change the current teaching responsibilities of existing faculty? Please be as specific as possible about the courses, new or old, which might be offered.

What is the need for the position in terms of students served?
Please indicate how many students are expected to take courses offered by the person who is hired in this position. The Office of the Registrar has supplied the Dean and Department/Program Chairs with data on past majors and minors, as well as enrollments in related courses. The number of students served by the existing faculty in the department or program is also important to consider.

What non-teaching responsibilities would be expected of the new position?
Please indicate if the department or program expects specific teaching or non-teaching responsibilities of a faculty member hired in the new position, such as acting as advisor to a student organization, leading a BreakAway, or teaching a particular number of labs.

The Dean of the College will seek the counsel of the Dean’s Advisory Committee in considering these requests. All requests must be considered in light of the needs of the College as a whole.

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