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Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee

Building a diverse and inclusive community at Illinois College is an educational imperative that is central to learning and success for all IC students.  We will be a stronger college when we engage all members of the IC community in making this a place where everyone has a voice and an identity that is celebrated and affirmed.  Our ultimate goal is to effectively prepare students to be advocates for and leaders of change who will contribute to society in meaningful ways. 

The student, faculty, and staff members serving on this presidentially-appointed steering committee are:

Andrew Jones | Dean of Student Success, Steering Committee Chair
Joyce Mann | Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion
Adrian Aurellado ’18 | Biology Major & Psychology Minor
Julia Mendez ’16 | Finance & Management and Organizational Leadership Majors & Economics and Communication and Rhetorical Studies Minors
Jerome Thomas ’18 | Biology Major & Chemistry and Mathematics Minors
Beth Capo | Professor of English
Jeff Garland | Associate Professor of Art
Alonzo Ward | Assistant Professor of History
Ziggy Blackwell ’05 | Assistant Director of Admission and Chicago Regional Representative
Olivia Raya | Assistant Track & Field Coach
Karen Homolka | Assistant Dean of Students
Katrina Jenkins | Chaplain
Beth Nahlik | Director, Center for Academic Excellence

President Farley's charge to the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee is to: 
:: Focus the IC community’s agenda for change by identifying and establishing priorities for building a diverse and
   inclusive campus through the lens of this work being an educational imperative.
:: Develop a research agenda for underrepresented populations that are thriving and those that are not. 
:: Create a focused and prioritized set of recommendations that address: a) campus climate, b) student
   experience, c) staff and faculty experience, and d) inter and intra-group relationship building.
:: Develop a communication plan to keep the President, Cabinet, and IC Community informed of the Steering
   Committee’s work.
:: Propose prioritized recommendations and a timeline for implementation to President Farley by April 15, 2016.
Comments and questions may be directed to Andrew Jones, Steering Committee Chair, at andrew.jones@mail.ic.edu or to remain anonymous, please fill out the Comment Form below. Thank you.

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Have a comment regarding the work being done by our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee? Please submit in the provided text box. Your submission will be sent to Andrew Jones, Steering Committee Chair and will remain completely anonymous. Thank you.  
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