Affirmation of Community Responsibility

Illinois College is committed to the development and welfare of every member of our community: students, faculty, staff, and administration. 

To achieve the working and learning environment most conducive to everyone’s well-being and growth at the College, all members of the community must assume responsibility. Individually and collectively, we should:
   :: Pursue excellence in academic & co-curricular experiences, & in all activities which support the academic program;
   :: Exhibit integrity in intellectual development;
   :: Practice responsible and effective communication; and
   :: Foster tolerance and respect in our community.
We affirm that we are all caretakers of our community and recognize that our individual responsibilities are essential for nurturing collaborative relationships, critical exploration and global awareness in our community. A quality liberal education requires our commitment to excellence, integrity, communication, tolerance and shared responsibility for the success of Illinois College.
(Adopted by the Faculty, 2003)

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